Wednesday, August 1, 2007

No Longer Welcome in the Dollar Tree

I had to run an errand yesterday with the kids, and there was a Dollar Tree in the same shopping center. They have never been to one so they thought it was something exotic because they were just begging to go shop there. I caved, because they are cute, and I like to see them shop. Anyway, we stroll through aisles of junk and crap, and they pick up about 3 things each and we head to the cashier. That's when we find out that the ghetto Dollar Tree only takes Discover, checks and cash. Maybe I'm overmedicated but I couldn't help but laugh at the whole scene. I only carry a Visa and an Amex in my purse. I never need any cash so I rarely have any. I had to leave $7 worth of crap at the register because I couldn't pay for it! Of course the kids are crying because they couldn't leave with their junk and I'm laughing my ass off because the cashier is rolling her eyes at me as she snatches up the crap to put back on the shelves. I'm walking out the door with 2 crying kids going, "It's ok, we will go to Walmart where they take normal cards". I know I looked like a class act. I did end up taking the kids to Walmart and buying their school supplies with some extra new markers to entertain them. These markers are pretty cool, the caps are attached and sort of pivot to slide up the barrel to let the kids color.

I was successful in making the kids forget the Dollar Tree fiasco but you can bet I won't be showing my face in there again!