Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brain Damage

I took Moggie to the doctor's office this afternoon to have her ears checked because she has been complaining about her left one hurting. Sure enough, she has another ear infection. But before we got that diagnosis or even spoke to the doctor, she went headfirst into the exam room door and got herself a nice new goose egg on her forehead. I swear she is one bump away from brain damage. She should wear a helmet at all times because she is so damned reckless. I would hate to see how horrible she would have been if she had been born a boy.

We came away from the doctors office with stickers of every children's character known to man and a prescription for another antibiotic. I bet the nurses from the pediatrician's office will be meeting over cocktails this evening to settle their nerves from Moggie's injury. Apparently they had a baby fall off of an exam table and suffer a skull fracture. Thankfully we escaped serious injury and the worst of our concerns at this point is the ugly ass bruise and possible black eye for Moggie's fourth birthday pictures. She will live to crash again.

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