Monday, February 11, 2008

Enough Already!

Here I sit with a sick child, again. I expect some social workers to show up and evaluate me for Münchhausen's by Proxy at any time. (<--You may thank spell check for the proper spelling back there) Given the illnesses in the past two months, my children would be a gift from heaven for lazy MBP mothers. Maybe I'll start an outreach program to let the attention-whore mothers take these two sickies to the doctor's office every other day. I can't even bear to email Moggie's preschool teacher to tell her that Moggie is sick. I'd rather them think we are being lazy than to know that she's here running a fever.

We were just at the doctor's office on Thursday for an ear infection. Now that I think about it, Moggie probably picked up something there. I can only keep her off of the floor for so long, and the dirtier the floor, the harder it is to keep her off of it. I have a little germophobe in me and I cringe at touching things in doctors offices, retail stores and any bathroom that isn't within the walls of my own home. Moggie didn't inherit that sensibility and she prefers to perfect her snake impersonation in any public bathroom or doctor's office waiting room that she can find. I turn around to hang up my purse and in that short amount of time I can hear, "Look, I'm an anaconda. Ana-con-da, say it with me, ana-con-da, say it louder...". She also lives to drink her bathwater. She doesn't wipe her butt properly, then gets into the tub with fecal matter on her, which transfers to the water and goes right down her throat as she sucks water from toys and washcloths. I have begged her, threatened her, taken the toys, and no matter what, that kid will drink her bathwater. Last night I lost it on her and screamed about there being poop in the bathwater and they both looked at me like I had 2 heads or something. F'ing kids.


ErIn said...

Poor kiddo! I hope she's feeling better soon! Mike is a bathwater drinker too. Makes me want to hurl!

Hair Girl said...

Might want to look at showers. Not an easy answer with little ones, but the whole famdamily gets clean at once. Just get them used to the "rain".

Stacy said...

Uggg Cayden drinks the bathwater too and it grosses me out to no end!

AFRo said...

Precisely why mine have switched to showers. That and the whole MRSA spell we went through over the summer. Ick!

I have one word for what should be done immediately after leaving the doctor's office: HIBICLENS. It is an antiseptic soap that our dermatologist recommended during the MRSA deal that is safe for use on any skin...even the precious babies. It will kill any and every germ on her though so do not use it often as eventually it will backfire and everything will make her sick, but considering your circumstances, it couldn't be any worse that the last couple of weeks right?

You can buy it in the pharmacy section of any retail store... usually located next to the hydrogen peroxide and it comes in a bottle that's an effed up shade of blue.

SHELLEY said...

love it, love it, love it!!! my kb drinks her bath water too and sometimes she gags and throws up from getting too much and she wants to stay in the tub. how putrid. i swear, these kids, what are we gonna do with them.