Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yapping Dogs and Sadistic Dentistry

This morning, just like every morning, we woke to the barking of the neighbors' dogs. After six months of this, I have had it and I contacted our HOA management company to start the process of dealing with the dog problem. The options are to 1) speak directly to the owners, 2) call the police regarding the violation of the county noise ordinance or 3) file an official claim with the HOA who will proceed with the steps to have the dogs removed from the property. I don't want to see anyone lose their pets so I hope that the owners attempt to have those dogs stfu. They have to know the dogs are barking. I have humidifiers and fans running inside the house to try and drown out the noise so we can sleep but you can still hear those yapping bastards.

Fidel is having a worse day than I am. He was lullabied to sleep by the yapping bastards, woke to the yapping bastards and then endured torture for two hours in a dentist's chair. He is having a crown done and the dentist had to numb him three times. He told Fidel that if the 3rd shot didn't work he would have to put him under. Another case of stingy ass medical/dental professionals withholding drugs. I think I'm going to start a foundation for humane medicine and doctors and dentists who promise to provide appropriate pain/anxiety relief will get a special badge to display in the lobby. I think the standard for dental procedures, including cleanings, is a Valium to be taken before leaving home for the appointment. If you have to have any fillings, then nitrous is a must. If I'm coming out of the dentists office with stitches or less teeth than I had when I entered the office, I'm going to need some fentanyl in exchange. I look at it this way: Dentists and doctors are a dime a dozen in this town, I have health insurance and money to pay for my meds, so don't be holding out on me.


Anonymous said...

My God you rock! Your name should be on the ballot today instead of some of those Bozo's...... you're stance could be pain control....... whether you need it or not!

Or, better yet...... you could be a pain control consultant! People like myself could hire you to accompany us to our dental appointments so as you could harass the dentist into giving us adequate drugs. I could have used these services the last appointment I had...... it sucked!

Jennifer said...

I could write a script for interviewing potential doctors. As much as we pay for insurance, doctors work for us so they should give in to our demand for reasonable drugs! We shouldn't have to tough it out. I had it out with a dentist one time because he was about to give me a shot without the numby stuff on a q-tip before hand. He acted like that stuff was scarce and actually argued with me that I didn't need it. Cheap bastard!

Judi, I'll be happy to be your pain management consultant!

AFRo said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I've been seeing my dentist for going on 11 years now and do you know why? Because he is the dentist you described! Years ago I flipped out during a cleaning and would not let the chick back in my mouth to finish without something for anxiety. Ever since, he has prescribed a valium to be taken 30 minutes before my visit regardless of what's going to happen. If it's filling or anything beyond cleaning, I am in LaLa land for the entire thing on the nitrous. At first, I felt like somewhat of a crackhead, but it's either drugs or I'm not going. I'm with you though... health insurance should be good for something!