Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's the Flu - Where is that Chilly Willy??

I took Moggie to the doctor this afternoon and came out with a pissed off kid who was just diagnosed with the flu. Do you think the booger germs are any different in your nostrils versus up behind your eyeballs? Moggie had to give the doctor a Look, Bitch for that one. She actually said, "Hey, you POKED me!!" but I know a good Look, Bitch when I hear one. While we were there I asked the doctor about the likelihood of Tootie getting the flu and she said that they were already calling in prescriptions for Tamiflu for siblings and to call them if Tootie developed a fever. That is a good piece of info there, because I gave Moggie a grape Chilly Willy when we got home and she started eating it, and I found Tootie finishing it off. By my calculations, Tootie should break out with her fever on Saturday morning, causing me to miss Moggie's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday. There are times where I'd rather have the flu than spend a few hours at CEC, but I would like to be there for my own kid's birthday party.

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so tired said...

My daughter is sick too. She is home today with a fever. She had the ear infection we discovered on Saturday and for the last couple of days she has been sneezing all sorts of crap. Then last night she woke up in the middle of the night with 102 degree fever. Motrin seems to be taking the edge off.

My son had the real flu a couple of years ago and he was down for almost two weeks. The poor thing just laid in bed day after day with a fever and body aches. By the time it was over he had lost weight and was too weak to walk. It was kind of scary.

Glad I could leave you with a pick me up note. Your welcome ; )