Friday, February 15, 2008

Hockey is for the Birds

In our quest to become more healthy in 2008, Fidel has started going to our local NHL team's practice rink to ice skate for exercise. The thing about Fidel is that he really immerses himself into his interest du jour. I've been calling him Brian Boitano and asking him how he's landing his triple lutzes, but unfortunately he's not taking interest in the figure skating as much as he's taking an interest in freaking hockey. I'm not a sports person but our tv has been on hockey this evening. I went upstairs and took me a nice long shower and shaved everything from the head down, blew out and flat ironed my hair, and came down stairs and hockey was still on. Sheesh. At least when he was having grill mania I got fed nicely. I'm grateful that spring is around the corner because I'd much rather have bbq than watch hockey. BBQing is a husband hobby that I can fully support.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I too have a hobby of the month hubby. Right now he is home brewing beer. Yum. Much better than the month of kayaking. Ugh.