Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Sex Talk

Tootie is almost six and she has started asking me how babies are made. I credit this new interest in reproduction to the fact that my friend Les is pregnant. The minute Les told Tootie that she had a baby in her tummy, Tootie asked her why she ate the baby. See, Tootie thinks all things are born from eggs that float down from the sky. I don't discourage that idea with her because I'm clueless about explaining sex to children. I never had it explained to me and I figured it out. I never even knew my cuckoo was called a vagina until middle school and I don't know if I've ever called it a vagina out loud. Girls had cuckoos, boys had pee-pees and the two didn't mingle, ever. That method of instruction worked well for me so hopefully it will work for my girls, until they get to middle school and have it explained to them by someone other than me. I can talk about sex with them once someone else makes the introduction and covers the basics. The Baptists left me a little unprepared here.


Anonymous said...

Once you figure it out, you can give me pointers. Neely thinks the only difference between boys and girls is that boys have short hair and girls have long hair. Think she'll always believe that?

Stacy said...

LOL Kelly!! Good luck with that one Jennifer!

AFRo said...

I suggest buying one of those "Dummy" books. Surely they make an "Explaining Sex to Kids for Dummies" book. I've got two boys though so I'm going with the whole...that's dad's job spill.

Like the new layout!

Anonymous said...

My FIL taught the boys that it is called a "jim dog". We have NO idea where it comes from!
I had to have the sex talk with my BK on the beach. (My husband was in the house the whole time hiding. He wanted nothing to do with any of it.)BK wanted to know everything before "the sex talk" happened in school and he "looked stupid in front of his friends". Helped our relationship a ton, he comes to me with everything now. The best part is he will continue to come to me with stuff when he is a teenager.